Wall Art – #32


This piece of wall art was created to celebrate the life of a magnificent Lime tree that stood outside a farriers to shade the horses being shoed.


This piece has been produced to preserve evidence of this magnificent tree’s history. It is formed from the base of a Lime tree, estimated to have been over one hundred and fifty years old when it was felled to facilitate property development. It was located outside a former farriers where Limes are commonly planted as they keep flies away and thus help to keep the horses still. The tree saw a lot of abuse during its life. We found evidence of it having been scorched, buried nails and huge staples to hold horses reins. There were even traces of stone and asphalt. However, the tree endured all of this. The majority of the tree has now been used to produce furniture. However, this piece remains as a testimony to the tree’s history and inner beauty.

The price includes mainland UK delivery.

Approximate Dimensions 555mm x320mm x45mm