About Us

In a world that is full of natural wonders, I believe that some of the most incredible are trees. I design and make furniture that reflects the unique history and beauty of the individual trees from which it is made. Every piece is as unique as the trees that inspire and form it.

I know something of every tree that goes into our furniture. The vast majority are trees that were not grown to become timber, most often they are garden trees, sometimes they are from small non-commercial woodlands. Many of them we mill ourselves which gives me the opportunity to decide exactly how to divide the tree, what timber to take from it and how its natural form may inform my design. I then control the entire process of seasoning the timber, first slowly air drying it and then carefully kiln drying it prior to its journey to our workshop where it will become a piece of furniture that honours the tree that it came from.

My designs are informed by two guiding principles, simplicity and the retention of the character and history of the tree. The use of ‘non-farmed’ trees means that our timber has much more variation, both in terms of its overall shape and the characteristics of the timber itself, than the wood used for production furniture. Simple design allows these characteristics to stand out. I like to compare it to cooking. If you use magnificent ingredients, then you show them off rather than the chef’s prowess.

The trees and environment that inspire the creation of my furniture have also motivated me to make our business something more than just a money making exercise. In 2018, we formally became a Social Enterprise, a business with a primary objective other than profit. Ours is to contribute to an increase in the tree population of the UK that has social and environmental benefits, nationally and globally for our generation and for generations to come.