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Ivy, Hits the Road.

Whilst sensible people enjoy the lead up to the festive season, and shepherds watch their flocks by night, etc. I have been completing the refurb of our motorhome, Ivy. So now she is up for sale. The refurb has given her a cool scandi / upcycled style interior to make festival going that bit more civilised or camping a bit more glamping. We have also added solar power so she can work off grid as well. Don’t forget that you don’t need planning permission to […]

Say Hello to Our Big Brother

Colwill and Co has been driven by the desire to do something positive for the environment and to make great furniture but we have come to realise that doing what we do on a small scale with custom and one-off furniture can only ever make so much of a difference. Say hello to our big brother, The Sylva Project. Much like Colwill and Co. it is a Social Enterprise but its ambitions are a little larger. It aims to help transform the Chilterns’ Beech Woods […]

Siblings not Twins

These two bedside cabinets are made from a single Wych Elm, the only indisputable British Elm species. Whilst they were made to the same design, they are a long way from being identical. The simple design includes three draws and an upper void. The void is there to allow phones or similar to be stored whilst hiding charging cables and shielding them from any spills from above. The outside of each cabinet is formed from a single board from near the centre of the tree. […]


I came up with the Mainly by Nature phrase when I was trying to describe part of my design philosophy for furniture. Part of the Colwill and Co ethos is to harvest our timber from urban, non-forested trees. This means that we get some really interesting bits of timber rather than the straight grained, blemish free perfection demanded by the mass market furniture trade (and some more expensive brands that claim to be a little more exclusive). The last thing that I want to do […]


Okay, first up, that isn’t strictly true. Ideally we would much rather you gave them to us for nothing as that would really help us achieve our goals as a social enterprise of using our profits to plant new trees and increase forest cover. It is also true that not every tree is suited to our purpose, they really need to be fairly big and a useful species. Lastly, they need to be nearish so Bucks, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Top of Surrey, North and West […]

Custom Furniture that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Colwill and Co is a Social Enterprise. That means that our company is set-up with something other than making money as its prime objective. In our case we are all about creating and saving trees. We do this in a number of ways. We use a lot of reclaimed wood. Scaffold boards, builders waste, old furniture you name it. We harvest and process what we call urban timber. This is wood from trees that have not been grown for timber production and would otherwise go […]

Coffee Break?

These two coffee tables were formed from a couple of slabs that I milled from the stump of a Sycamore felled to allow development of a local hotel. To be honest I didn’t have a lot of confidence in anything coming from them. Rounds like this always split and it was impossible to get them properly covered or weighted down where they were to be stored but we gave it a go. I am so glad we did. Once they were levelled some fantastic spalting […]


Its a sign that things are going well but, we are drowning in sawdust. I have two varieties, wet from milling which is generally pretty clean i.e. not mixed up with anything inorganic and dry from the workshop which though dry can have some other stuff in it from the workshop floor but I would say it is 99% wood. If you have a need or know someone that does it’s free by the sack-load provided you can assure me it will be put to […]