Custom & Bespoke

I am proud of our track record in providing bespoke furniture to a long list of satisfied customers who have trusted us to deliver a wide variety of fitted and stand alone projects.

With more than thirty years of experience in design, I bring a unique balance of practicality and creative aesthetics to our furniture to ensure that you will own a piece with functionality matched only by its beauty. As much as my design philosophy focuses upon elegant simplicity I also believe that good design relies upon good details, from hand formed edge bevels to brass screws and hand cut nails.

My focus on design is matched by an understanding of value. I ensure that my pieces provide long term benefits through their longevity, maintainability and, primarily fitness for purpose.

Sourcing timber from non-farmed trees means that it is so much more interesting than commercial lumber, not only in terms of its grain and figure but also the overall shape. This provides me with wonderful opportunities to incorporate these features in my designs, ensuring that they are both beautiful and inherently unique.

Bespoke furniture exists to meet your needs, both functionally and aesthetically so I engage with you fully throughout the process of specifying, designing and creating your piece. From understanding what you are trying to achieve, through selection of concept options, to the choice of woods and design details as the making process progresses.

My furniture is made exclusively from timber that we have milled and seasoned, from trees that have not been grown commercially. These trees would have otherwise ended up as firewood or worse, landfill. Our seasoning process primarily uses solar energy to reduce the moisture content of the timber with the final kiln drying stage utilising electricity from renewable sources. Finally, as a social enterprise, the majority of our profits are spent on tree planting to help restore our country’s forests and help combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Your long lasting furniture has a truly long lasting impact.