Guaranteed Muddy Sock Free – Boot Jack


A simple boot jack but with a secret. You wont get mud on your socks!


Everyone who makes boot jacks, from the nastiest piece of plastic to the most beautifully crafted pieces of joinery supplied by riding boot manufacturers, always seem to forget one thing. When you put a muddy boot on it to take off the first boot, it gets muddy. So, when you put the other foot on it to take the other boot off you get… …a muddy sock.

The answer is simple. A wide boot jack. Always step on one side with your muddy boot and the other with your clean sock.

Our boot jacks are made from reclaimed scaffold planks, hand sanded to make sure they don’t scratch your boots and finished with Danish oil to keep them waterproof.

We also produce a posh versions in durable oak.

The price includes mainland UK delivery.