In addition to our objectives as a Social Enterprise, we aim to ensure that our products and services have the least possible impact upon the environment.

We use materials that are either inherently sustainable e.g. trees from woodland that is appropriately managed under FSC rules or felled for non-commercial purposes or timber that is otherwise destined for landfill. We also insist that our suppliers share our values. We are particularly pleased to have sourced a considerable amount of our wood from not for profit wood recycling community projects including Chiltern Wood Recycling. Above all we never use wood that is a result of the deforestation of rainforest or other endangered habitats. Of course we don’t just use wood and reclaimed materials, other materials are always chosen with a view to their sustainability.

We try to ensure that our packaging  is as environmentally friendly as possible. For smaller items this means that you wont see any plastic unless it has been sent to us (may as well reuse it now it is here) and the rest of the packaging is 100% recycled or recyclable. We do use some plastic film and banding to ensure your products arrive safe and dry but we are trying to find economic, sustainable alternatives. If you know any please get in touch.

Our energy supplies are fully sustainable. We use a renewables only energy supplier, our own solar power and heat for our home and house is provided by offcuts from our milling and furniture production.

We do run a trusty old Land Rover. Unfortunately something like this is essential for milling and wood lugging but we eagerly await an economically viable alternative.