Hwylus Step Stool – Walnut


A simple step stool, ideal for reaching that high shelf, making another place at dinner, putting your boots on, helping the kids reach a work surface. Just, taken up a notch with handmade traditional joinery and beautiful, unique, naturally shaped hardwood.


The Piece

Some pieces of furniture really are all about the job they do and not much else. The classic, lets call it Swedish’ step stool is one of them. I’m not sure there is a house in the country without one. And they are great. Cheap, fairly robust and pretty aesthetically inoffensive. But if you don’t just want to keep it in a cupboard out of the way why not go just that little bit better?  Introducing the Hwylus. It means handy in Welsh or bekvam in Swedish.  Just like its inspiration it is perfect for reaching that top shelf, for an extra space at the table or for kids that need a bit of a hand to reach a kitchen worktop.

The Hwylus provides all the practicality of the original but adds traditional joinery, characterful hardwood and naturally formed shapes to provide a unique piece of long lasting beautiful furniture. It is made from specially selected hardwoods that I mill and season. There are no ugly metal fittings to work loose, just some rather elegant solid brass screws on the underside, where you can also find our makers brand and unique serial number.

We use Beech for the mortice and tenon jointed frame, often with gloriously characterful spalting or flame features. The tops are made from a range of hardwoods including Elm, Oak, Cherry, Beech and Walnut, specially selected to showcase the timber’s natural shape making each stool truly unique. As with all of our furniture, none of the wood comes from commercial forestry but has been felled either by nature, for safety reasons, or as a result of development.

The Wood

The Beech frame for this Hwylus is made from a tree that fell in a storm. It stood in the grounds of a kids activity centre. The Walnut tree was kindly donated by the owner who needed to fell it to make way for an extension and felt rather bad about it. Thankfully we were able to save it from the chipper.

The Size

Ideally sized at 520mm high, 450mm wide and 400mm deep. (Please allow for a little variation as each piece is handmade.


The Hwylus is delivered fully assembled and finished. Delivery is free to the UK mainland. Please get in touch if you would like a quote for delivery to a more remote location.