Furniture From Your Tree

A tree can become a part of the family, a feature of the place where you have lived that forms the background to your family’s lives.  If you need to bring down either a complete tree or even just a significant part of it we can help to ensure that it remains a part of your life by transforming it into a unique piece of furniture.  This can range from a complete piece to a simple desk or table top.  Our aim is always to design a piece that could only have come from your tree, so it will incorporate both the unique shape and material qualities of your tree.

Once your tree has been felled, either by us, your own tree surgeons or nature, we can mill the timber to extract boards that precisely meet our needs for your design.  We use an incredibly compact chainsaw mill that allows us to mill the largest trees in-situ so that we do not need access for large plant and can extract the timber from almost anywhere. Once the timber has been removed and set to dry, around a year is required to air dry a two inch thick piece of timber before it spends a month or so in our kiln to get its moisture content down to the level it will reach in a modern home, so it can be a long term project.  You will receive regular updates as the project progresses and we will run through options as the design develops to ensure that you receive a piece of furniture that is as personal to you as the tree was.

One of our customers put it better than I ever could:

“My husband was absolutely delighted with the side table. It made his birthday. Every time we look at it, we hear the children’s whoops of delight the very first time we arrived at the house and they laid eyes on the cedar. For so many years it put up with children scaling its branches, building dens and playing ships. A friend indeed. Thank you especially for choosing the pieces of wood so carefully to find such rich colours and such pleasing whorls and waves. You seem to have captured its essence. The tree was magnificent; who could have known it was as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside?”

If you have a tree that needs to come down, don’t like the idea of it going to waste but do not need furniture made from it, get in touch. There is every chance that we can make use of it and reduce the demand for harvested timber and further reduction of the UK’s tree stock.

If you would like to read about one of our previous projects there is more information here.

Milling a Lime log with the compact Alaskan Mill.

After a year or more air drying, boards are moved into the kiln to reduce the moisture content still further.

The boards have been planed and joined and are starting to take shape as a dining table top but still retain the unique form of the customers tree.

This dining table and eight chairs will end up no more than five meters from where the tree from which they are made originally stood.