Large Waney Edge Sycamore Chopping Board


Acer Pseudoplatanus, Sycamore to its friends is simply the best wood for chopping boards. It is a good hard wood so it lasts well and still looks good in service.  It is closed grained (unlike Oak for example) so it is easier to clean and there is less chance of bacteria lodging in it. It is also taint free, there are none of those bitter chemicals like tannins that you find in many other woods (such as Beech or Chestnut) so your food will only taste of, well, your food. Lastly, Acers don’t produce nuts and so are less likely to result in an allergic reaction.

As for the design, we keep it simple; chunkily thick with two waney edges and a single rounded off hole to make handling easier or allow it to be hung up. It is hand sanded to a fine finish and oiled with olive oil.

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Our chopping boards are 400mm x 320mm x 35mm. These dimensions are somewhat approximate due to the individual nature of the product and the fact they are individually made.

This batch of chopping boards has been made from a Sycamore that grew in a pub garden in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. It was felled, milled, seasoned and made entirely by us.

To keep your chopping board in perfect condition it should be hand washed and occasionally re-oiled with a food safe oil of your choice. It should not be allowed to sit in water or be washed in a dish-washer.