Elan Assembly

Our beds are pretty easy to assemble. All you need is the supplied Hex-key, the wooden spacer and ideally, a willing helper. We recommend two people assemble the bed as there are some fairly heavy pieces.

 For an Elan framed bed you will receive four packages containing a head board assembly, toe board assembly, the slats, two side rails, the legs, your hex key and a mysterious lump of wood. Don’t take the binding off the slats yet! Lay them out as in the photo below. In particular note the location and spacing of the metal lugs. It is helpful at this stage to make sure all of the grub screws are sufficiently withdrawn to allow the legs to pass through.

Start the assembly by joining one of the toe board corners to a side rail. Hold both boards vertically such that the lugs inter mesh.

Then drop one of the short legs through the holes (plastic bung end down).

Repeat in the other corner. The drop the tall legs into the lugs at the head end of the side rails. Lower the head board onto the legs until the top of the board is level with the top of the legs (this bit is definitely easier with a helper). Try to ensure the board is lowered evenly to stop it jamming. Do up the top lugs so that the board is just held in place. Don’t fully tighten at this stage.

It should look something like this now.

Move to one toe end corner with your hex key and the block of wood. Prop the corner on the block with both boards on the block

and push the leg down until the top is level with the top of the boards. Then loosely do up all four of the grub screws. Repeat the process at the other toe end corner.

Now, at the head end lift one side rail about half way up toward the bottom of the head board. Loosely do up one grub screw. Then in the other corner lift the board up and prop it on your wooden block and do up both grub screws.

Now repeat the operation at the other head board corner.

On to the slats, don’t take the binding off yet though. Rest them inside the side rails so that the first slat will naturally hinge down with the webbing on the underside as the photo. It is much easier to see than describe.

Now you can undo the banding. The first slat should drop down and be retained by the lug on the side rail. Like this…

Pull the remaining slats down to the toe board and the last slat should end up held by another pair of lugs at that end.

It is a good idea at this stage to try and get the frame fairly square. A piece of paper held in one corner should give you a good clue. Just shuffle the corners until it is right. Now you can go round and tighten all of the grub screws.

All ready for the mattress.

You do not need to do anything particular to care for the bed. The slats are unfinished and can be cleaned with a damp cloth if required. The metalwork will dull over time as the zinc galvanising oxidises. Again, cleaning with a damp cloth should be all that is required. The scaffold boards will have been treated with BriWax before leaving us and we would recommend using it to clean and preserve the wood as required.

If you have any problems, please get in touch via the website or the contact details on the invoice.

Thanks again for you purchase.