Console Style Table – Assembly Instructions

Our Console Style Tables are really easy to assemble. You should only need the Allen key provided, but if you want to be extra precise, a small spirit level can be useful. If you don’t have one there are plenty of apps available for Android and iOS.

1 – Remove all packaging. Be careful of the ends of the steel tubes. I do try to make sure that any sharp edges are removed but some can remain.

2 – Place the table top upside down on a soft surface so as not to damage the top.

3 – Make sure the grub screws on the leg sockets are sufficiently withdrawn so that the leg assemblies can be properly inserted.

4 – Place a leg assembly in its sockets at either end of the table so that the grub screws on the feet face inward.

To match the correct leg to the correct socket, there are a dots on the top of the leg and the socket for two of the legs.  Tighten the grub screws gently at this point just in case adjustment is required. There’s a pencil line on the leg so you know how far to insert it.

5 – Once all the legs are in place, turn the table onto its legs. It is a good idea to have help with this.

6 – If your floor is not quite flat and the table has a bit of a wobble, loosen the screw at the bottom of the appropriate leg, push the fitting down and re-tighten.

7 – Once the table is nice and stable make sure the top is level either with a spirit level or a smartphone app. Slacken off the fitting at the top of the leg and adjust as required and then retighten.

8 – Have a final check to ensure everything looks square and fully tighten the eight screws holding the legs.


The table top is finished with clear BriWax which we would recommend for cleaning or refinishing. You should not place hot objects directly on it or allow water to sit on it.