Say Hello to Our Big Brother

Colwill and Co has been driven by the desire to do something positive for the environment and to make great furniture but we have come to realise that doing what we do on a small scale with custom and one-off furniture can only ever make so much of a difference.

Say hello to our big brother, The Sylva Project. Much like Colwill and Co. it is a Social Enterprise but its ambitions are a little larger. It aims to help transform the Chilterns’ Beech Woods by ‘nudging’ them toward a more natural mix of species, improving their carbon uptake and their biodiversity. This involves using low impact harvesting to remove pockets of Beech trees that will be used to make furniture and finance their environmental objectives. There are some really exciting opportunities to get involved through their fantastic Crowd Energy plan so have a look for yourself at or follow them on Instagram and Twitter @thesylvaproject

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